Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Learning to be a Proverbs Wife

In today's world, so many get caught up and lost with all the day-to-day activities and they lose not only themselves, but they lose God too. I know this because I have to. When our daughter was born, I realized I had lost my line to God. I came to the conclusion that I indeed NEEDED God in not only my life again, but also in the lives of my husband and child.

I've decided to try to read through the bible in hopes to help strengthen my relationship with our Heavenly Father . Hopefully, this blog will help to track my readings and to help keep me held accountable.

Thank you for joining me on my adventures with Christ in my quest to become a Proverbs wife.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

21 weeks 5 days (22 weeks)

Bump is definitely noticeable in regular clothes, but still not in my work uniform
Nausea is getting almost nonexsistent ( finally!)
Tired 24/7
Back pain and stomach/pelvic cramps (round ligament, skin stretching)
Hungry a lot, but still unable to eat normal/large portions, so I'm still sticking to small portions

Weight Gain: Current (from last months doc appt to this months doc appt) none

Baby movements: All day/night everyday nice and strong punches (though she's found my bladder!). I have begun to notice that even though shes still very active, she likes to nap a lot lol. Daddy's been feeling her move since 19 weeks, I started feeling her at 18 weeks.

Note to Baby:
Daddy and I love you very very much little girl. He says goodnight to you every night and asks about you every day he comes home from work, or asks about us if hes out with friends. You've already got him thinking of you 24/7 : ) I love talking to you and feeling you move.

P.S when daddy is telling you to do bad things to mommy, ignore him lol.

So we are having...

We are expecting a little girl on July 8! Dh and I are so happy! This meant that our nickname we've been using "Boomer" would need replacing so we finally decided on her name. Our little girls name is Baby N (for now lol) and we both already love her sooooo much!

20 Week U/S pictures

Here's our lo at 20 weeks almost 21 weeks. Lo is 13oz and 6 inches(a week ahead of schedule) and very active, but for some reason on this day lo was being very stubborn. The whole time lo refused to show a frontal picture and had chosen the position of kneeling facing mommy's back lol. And yes we did find out the gender and I will be posting it in the next post along with the lo's name.

First Picture: Lo covering face with one hand and another hand coming up in what was suspected to be a punch, we were agrivating this little one lol.

Second Picture: The position Lo was in pretty much the whole time kneeling on hands and knees and facing down and towards my back.

Last Picture: Is a great profile shot (so beautiful!) and lo flexing an arm, lol.

20 Weeks bump pictures

Just some picutres of me after work

12 Week U/S Pictures

Here is our little "Boomer", which is the nickname we had decided on for this little one. We wanted something a bit original and I had seen it in a magazine article about a Fourth of July baby, and since we are hoping for lo to come on the fourth, the name seemed fitting.